Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-writing-modes] Support rtl Chinese (#2754)

As @frivoal wrote, horizontal RTL in Japanese is historical and almost totally not used in Japan (car body sample should be considered as design/display matter - just placing character from the front of car on both side, one should be RTL and another is LTR as normal), of course we need them when we reproduct old documents as E-PUB or something but could be rare.
For other points, 1) different shape of punctuation, my two samples show the same which has space at left half not like currently used for LTR. Even at these age, LTR sample at 1926 ( uses the same comma as now (having space in right half side). So there could be a requirement to change shapes of punctuation.
2) direction of A-Z characters in RTL, sample from @r12a on Vitamin, I found in vertical mode as "AD", so that was not directions mixed: and it seems natural for Japanese to say alphabetical order for Vitamin (also same for my first image). There could be quite few sample for numerical numbers, since "Kansuuji" (like "一二三") shall be the default way to write numbers at these days... Some sample from jaa2100 shows mix of English (RTL) and Japanese (LTR) in different lines (could not find any sample for two in one line...): [Christmas program](, [cream](, [news paper](, [cover page]( In the last sample, interestingly, ninutes of bars are shown in numerical numbers like "60分" but in RTL (not "分06" nor "分60").

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