Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-writing-modes] Support rtl Chinese (#2754)

Here are my two cents on favouring adding support of RTL Chinese:

As a Chinese, I can confirm there are reasonably common use cases in horizontal RTL Chinese.

First, in present-time use, plenty of traditional-style title-line things, such as park names, shop names, temple names, are read still horizontally RTL, like I said in the original post.

Second, like @macnmn said horizontal RTL Japanese can also be seen in vehicles, the horizontal RTL Chinese scripts also often appear in vehicles in China as well.

Third, although horizontal RTL Chinese titles are hardly seen in newspaper in mainland China nowadays, they are still often seen in Taiwan Chinese newspaper and books, and as do Japanese newspaper and books.

Fourth, horizontal RTL Chinese scripts are also common practices in Chinese Calligraphy field in present-time China, Japan and Korean, where majority people are in favour of RTL scripts, or usually encouraged to write RTL instead of LTR.



![001v7djity6nxc1vzxd87 690](

(Photos showing people practicing Chinese Calligraphy with RTL scripts)

Fifth, the original horizontal Chinese scripts are almost always RTL, the LTR Chinese is primarily due to infulence of western scripts. Since CSS even supports ancient scripts(like vertical-lr Mongolian), it makes senses to me to also support RTL CJK.

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