Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-timing-2] Complex timing functions (#229)

@Lange, that is helpful.

What would also be helpful is a write-up of what values / options are supported (or not) in the major animation software that support complex custom easing curves.  Anyone have good resources for that?

Looking at the [Adobe help pages for After Effects](, it looks like the complex easing can be a mix of smooth or sharp changes, or even steps.

So I'm now starting to doubt whether it is enough to swap between smooth and full beziers for the entire sequence. Maybe it make more sense to focus on chaining arbitrary segments.  Making a syntax easy to write by hand is good. But it's probably more important to ensure that it can accurately represent easings that are already being used in design tools.

I like @vidhill's suggestion of trying to define the easing using a syntax that defines the progress as a direct function of time, instead of a syntax that defines an arbitrary 2D curve and then tries to constrain it to only having one progress value for each time point.  But the question again is: can existing software export to the syntax without loosing information?

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