Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] text-transform's design, intent and reality resolution (#3775)

@fantasai I think it's worth acknowledging `innerText` here because it is an existing web API that relies on `text-transform` by reference, and any decisions we make here have downstream implications.

Now, maybe the final conclusion is that `innerText` is a weird thing defined by legacy compat instead of logic, and we shouldn't worry about optimizing for it — if it has to be generated on-demand by its own unique pathway, so be it. But that should be a conscious decision, not a shrugged-off “not my spec, not my problem.”

> must not affect the content of a plain text copy & paste operation

The most recent discussion of `text-transform` and copy & paste is in #627. The following resolution was made [one year ago](

> RESOLVED: normative state that text-transform does not apply to plain text paste.

I couldn't find a relevant Chromium bug. [WebKit bug is here](, with the last comment being an FYI about the CSS working group resolution.

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