[csswg-drafts] [selectors-4] Clarify :blank application to radio buttons etc. (#3339)

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== [selectors-4] Clarify :blank application to radio buttons etc. ==
Andrew Fedoniouk points out that it's not entirely clear whether/how :blank applies to radio buttons etc.
We should clarify this. Some options are:

- :blank checks the 'value' on radio buttons and checkboxes; :not(:blank) effectively always applies
-:not(:blank) applies when a radio button or checkbox is has a non-blank 'value' *and* is checked (will submit if not disabled); :blank applies otherwise
- :blank applies to each input element in a group when no radio button or checkbox in its group is checked

Probably the most simple definition is 1; it largely falls out of the existing definition. However the last definition is perhaps more useful. It would be good to hear from authors here what they expect.

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