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Re: [csswg-drafts] Added the first proposal for a 'reality' keyword.

From: Kearwood Gilbert via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2018 19:07:11 +0000
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I imagine that two decisions need to be made by 2d content running in a VR or mixed reality display:
- Is the browser content the primary focus of the user, possibly occupying a large portion of the user's field of view?  .. Or is it a secondary activity to the user's interaction in the virtual or real world (eg. displayed on a virtual tablet within a VR environment or placed in a smaller region of the user's vision off to the side).
- Is the display capable of rendering dark colors over a bright background?  Some displays are optically transparent and can only add additional light to the environment.  In this case, black is invisible / fully transparent and bright colors always have the most contrast.

Perhaps two separate keywords could make this more expressive:

_opaque_ - The 2d content is fully opaque and able to render dark colors in a bright environment.  Examples: Traditional 2d monitors, tablets, phones, VR headsets that are not optically transparent, AR devices that use a pass-through camera feed.
_additive_ - The web content is blended with the real world with additive mixing. Black is fully transparent and bright colors have the most contrast.  Examples: Windshield head's-up-display, optically transparent displays such as the Microsoft Hololens and Meta2.
_subtractive_ - The web content is blended with the real world using subtractive mixing.  White is fully transparent and dark colors have the most contrast. Examples: An LCD display embedded in a bathroom mirror.

_2D_ - Viewed on a traditional 2d display / monitor / tablet / phone..
_mixed_ - Viewed in a AR/MR environment where the real world is visible behind the web content, either through an optically transparent display or a composited camera feed.  In a "mixed" reality, even when focused, the content may not want to distract the user from their surroundings and is often a secondary activity.
_virtual_ - Viewed in a VR environment where the user's view to the real world is obscured.  When focused, the content is expected to be the primary activity.

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