[csswg-drafts] [css-inline-3] Add keywords for raised / dropped initials

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== [css-inline-3] Add keywords for raised / dropped initials ==
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> @Crissov, I'm not sure if the specific numbers you suggest are common enough to make default. **But,** I do like the idea of keywords `dropped` and `raised` for the two most common use-cases for the second property.  (I personally find it confusing that you need to specify a "drop" of 1 for not-dropped-at-all.) 
>[property-name]: 3 dropped;
>[property-name]: 2 raised;
>`dropped` would still be the default, and any other levels of sunken-ness could still be set with integer values.
> This is maybe a separate issue, though.

//CC @Dan503

It would be pretty easy to add keywords that compute through to an integer, with `dropped` copying the first value and `raised` computing to `1`.

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