Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] More precise box transformations

> Much better, thanks! But I'm still not convinced that boxes have display types. Boxes may have characteristics like level or formatting context, but probably only elements and tree-abiding pseudo-elements (i.e., things to which display applies) should have display types. So I would prefer to define box blockifications and inlinifications in terms of element blockifications and inlinifications (which are not currently defined). Do you think it's worth?

@Loirooriol I think that, unless the distinction becomes necessary because not having it creates significant confusion and misinterpretation of the specs, we should not make the distinction. We blur a lot of fine distinctions we could make in our discussions, because the cognitive load of being super-precise is unnecessary for understanding. Similarly, the spec should not slice everything up excessively: only insofar as it helps understanding, and not so far that it hinders it. I think in this case, it's not worth making the distinction. We can revisit if it becomes an actual problem down the line, though. Let me know if this is acceptable?

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