Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-nesting] Conflicts in proposal with Sass/Less

> AFAIK, the Less maintainers do not. man_shrugging

Sure, which is why "argument from authority" wasn't the whole point. ^_^

> That was kind of my point. Echoing the syntax of preprocessors but producing a different outcome is semantically confusing.

Ah, but Nesting doesn't do that. The intersection of Nesting and Sass syntax produces the same result in both (modulo some details of specificity), except when concatenation comes into play. (Because Sass designed their syntax well, not because of any concerted effort at matching them from me.) If you're ignoring concatenation, then I'm unsure what your objection is.

And if this *is* your concern, then your proposal also fails your criteria, because its intersecting syntax (in particular, stuff like `.foo { :hover {...}}`) is interpreted differently than the preprocessors.

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