Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] font-variant-emoji: Consider broadening to all "color fonts" use-cases, not just emoji PPCP

Re: "Fonts with useful color content _and_ useful traditional outline content don't exist in the wild"

I just want to point out that any color fonts produced with [`SCFBuild`]( have fairly high-quality black and white, traditional outline glyphs for all characters. The design intent with SCFBuild is, "yeah users probably want explicit color with these fonts, but for backward-compatibility we want to give them the traditional outlines if that's all they can see."

The traditional outline glyphs are considered valuable, because they allow the font (and the unique emoji renderings by the various companies) to be used even where color font support is poor.

Furthermore, if it helps with accessibility, as an author of one of these fonts, I am all for making use of the traditional outlines in these fonts for the good of the public.

Such as:

- my own:

I think of this as being relevant to a font-table level control, but I don't have the interest in earnestly proposing that mechanism myself at this time.

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