Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom] How should extremely small <number>s be serialized?

Looks like the spec doesn't agree with any of the implementation here.

I think the idea here should be to keep 6 decimals starting from the first non-zero decimal, i.e. leading zeros are excluded from the count, so something like `0.00123456789` would be serialized to `0.00123457`. This matches the current behavior of Firefox and Chrome.

The reason to choose 6 decimals is probably because precision of a single precision floating-point number is only 7.22 decimals. I'm not sure whether it is safe to do 7 decimals, but it definitely shouldn't go beyond that.

Regarding the scientific notation, it seems Firefox starts using scientific notation when it is smaller than 1e-6, while Chrome starts doing so when smaller than 1e-4. Also Chrome starts using scientific notation when the number is not smaller than 1e6, while Firefox always serialize the whoe number if it is an integer.

I guess it makes sense to allow serialization to scientific notation on a boundary decided by implementations. This should be clarified in the spec.

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Received on Sunday, 18 February 2018 02:11:01 UTC