[csswg-drafts] Contributing: More/better contribution information for first-timers

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== Contributing: More/better contribution information for first-timers ==
Per @astearns 's thread on www-style of February 14, 2018, "[CSSWG] New issue labels in GitHub", specifically @frivoal 's contention that there be more documentation regarding resolutions, editor reviews, and flagging for the agenda when it comes to Issues/PRs.

In order to streamline the process, I propose the following:

  1. Create a PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE file that contains the pertinent attribution information from CONTRIBUTING.md, as well as steps for submitting
  2. Tweak CONTRIBUTING.md to be entirely about contributing, and to have a strong document outline
  3. Include a copy of the W3C's CEPC in the repository as CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md in the repo root (per GitHub _de facto_ standards)

I was curious what you thought about setting ISSUE_TEMPLATE as ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md (and similarly for the PR template). Additionally to do similar and rename README.markdown to README.md? I know this is all small stuff that's not related to CSS specs in any way, but I figured I'd ask while I'm in there trying to pitch in.

Initial PR to follow shortly. Thank you for your time and consideration.

(cc. @AmeliaBR as she was also party to the thread)

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