Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-decor] Characters to skip for emphasis marks (text-emphasis)

(on behalf of I18N WG)

As @fantasai mentions, we discussed this yesterday in [teleconference]( I drew an action to respond to this issue.

According to JLREQ (and other information that we have gathered, such as information about Chinese and Korean), the normal behavior for emphasis marks would be to skip punctuation marks. Ideally, the default mode for emphasis marks would correspond to their normal usage. 

@fantasai reports that text-decoration Level 4 is expected to include tailoring for emphasis marks to add (or remove) emphasis from punctuation.

She also reports that you discussed this with JLTF and they requested the current behavior (not skipping punctuation) because "what if you wanted to emphasize those characters for some reason". That is a rational point of view, but means that, to get the normally expected behavior, one must modify the markup and/or styling and it's a little inconvenient (imagine having to put closing and opening `em` tags around a comma in the middle of a sentence).

The members present in the call felt that skipping the punctuation would be better, since it gives casual users the expected behavior, provided that exceptional behavior is provided for in Level 4 fairly soon.

If the current behavior were kept, then Level 4 should add the punctuation skipping override fairly soon and the default stylesheet should adopt that. Either approach is equivalent, but it would be better, in our opinion, to adopt the "normal" styling now.

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