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== [css-align][css-multicol] Gutter properties computed value ==
These are the links to both specs:
* https://drafts.csswg.org/css-align/#column-row-gap
* https://drafts.csswg.org/css-multicol/#column-gap

In `css-align` it says:
> Computed value: as specified, with <length>s made absolute, and normal computing to zero except on multi-column elements

In `css-multicol` it says:
> Computed value: | as specified, with <length>s made absolute

I'm not sure if this difference is on purpose or not.
I understand that with the current text the computed value of `column-gap: normal` would be:
* `0px` if it's not a multicol container
* `normal` if it's a multicol container

But now that we're generalizing the properties to apply in other layout models (like grid and flexbox), it seems weird that we have a difference there.
Currently `getComputedStyle()` is returning `normal` in all browsers but Edge (where it returns `0px`).

I guess we could change this and we have 2 options:
* We can say that it's the computed value for `normal` is `normal`.
* Or that the computed value for `normal` is the used value.

Note that if the computed style of `normal` is `normal`, then that value won't be animatable. However if it's the used value (`0px` or `1em` in multicol) then it'll be animatable.

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