Re: [csswg-drafts] [cssom] Spec no longer defines the general "shortest serialization" principle

I'd note that it's probably worth making it clear that the principles are principles and probably not normative text.  In particular, I probably wouldn't want to see an implementor follow the principles to change something that's currently interoperable to be non-interoperable, but I would like to see the principles drive decisions for new features, and (within the constraints of web compatibility) for existing features that aren't currently interoperable.

I'd also note that some other principles for serialization are:
* serialization should always produce syntax that is valid when reparsed
* the composite function of serialize(parse()) should be idempotent, that is, reparsing and reserializing the result of serialization should produce the same thing you got from the first serialization

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Received on Wednesday, 7 February 2018 00:05:37 UTC