Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-tables] table-wrapper box and captions

We haven't made much progress on that particular issue tbqh; some people feel strongly about the table-wrapper-box being a thing we should not remove. I have shelved plans to get rid of it for now. 

> **Disgression**
> To relieve some of my pain with the table-wrapper-box, @fantasai and myself have come to an oral agreement to change how css properties apply to those two boxes instead so that they apply to the table-wrapper-box by default, and only apply to the table-grid-box when they concern backgrounds or borders (or if it is explicitly mentioned in the spec, for instance we need this for width/height). I haven't yet got a csswg resolution on that, so I haven't made the update yet. 
> > (the first paragraph would be replaced)

So, with that in mind, it's back in the spec, but it only contains one box, the table-grid-box (which in turn contains the captions). That's not great, and neither what me or fantasai would want. If we don't get rid of the box, I'll eventually make the necessary edits to hoist the captions in that box, but doing so is rather involved so I haven't made those edits yet. Whether I do them or not is not all that relevant however because I do not intend these edits to change the actual behavior here, it would be for book-keeping purposes only. I'm kinda watching the subgrid space to see which terminology is being used there. 

So, whatever we decide to do here, I have a strong opinion that the correct behavior here (and the one currently defined in the spec) is the one IE/Edge/Chrome/Safari have: percentages defined as caption width are ignored during content-sizing (e.g. if the table has a fit-content width as it is the case by default), and then percentage applied on the captions are relative to the final table-box width.

When we started this spec we always had for guideline that we would make the spec match the behavior of the majority of web browsers if that behavior was not completely crazy (and it does not seem completely crazy that a caption with a width of 100% should have the same width as the table it is contained in).

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