Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-overflow-3] 'overflow' 2-value syntax is in wrong order

Discussed this a bit on the call:

> fantasai: It's block then inline, not y then x
> emilio: We're changing the shorthands the property expands to?
> emilio: Like, the longhands. It's way more risky then a tweak to shorthand. If you access via CSSOM it may break.
> fantasai: I see problem. For a one value value of overflow shorthand it has to be assigned to phsyical longhand. For 2 value it has to be assigned to logical. That would not break anything other then the last 4 months of work
> emilio: Right, but that i s not how any other shorthand works
> fantasai: We're intending the syntax change to happen, but haven't decided on it. For margin/border/padding there is intent to have a switch for if assigning to physical or logical. background-position is aligned to do  this.
> fantasai: There are 2 types  of values for background position. One set will assign to physical and the  other to logical
> florian: Why does it make a difference to physical or logical in case where assigning to long hand?
> fantasai:
> emilio: B/c you can read longhand in CSSOM
> emilio: If you read element/style you don't resolve the properties there
> TabAtkins: You don't resolve any...oh, you do shorthands. nevermind
> florian: I suggest we hash that out on github.

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