Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] Feature for making text always fit the width of its parent

Interested to hear what authors say, but I'm guessing this wouldn't be as simple as a new length value or function like `fit(8px, 48px)` and would probably require a certain `display` (or formatting context) on itself or even it's parent, or maybe require use of `contain` when an elements size is often affected by the size of it's content. What about other writing modes? What about `width: 25em`? Seems like your ask would require use of ONLY font-size relative `letter-spacing`? I just don't see this feature offering as much use as it's worth fleshing out, let alone implementor interest, when it only takes two passes in js to get/set either `font-size`, `transform`, or use svg replacement. Or, knowing your general font metrics (using `@font-face`) and layout (at breakpoints) to set font-size in `vw` units. Also, remember `min()` & `max()` are coming and already in Safari Preview [544]( to play around with. And `clamp()` is being discussed [2519](

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Received on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 23:33:58 UTC