Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-rhythm-1] Avoiding accidental double spacing

> Is this a fair restatement of the issue?

Yes, this is excatly what I meant.

In addition, I'll also note that similar things can happen even if the author only specifies "FontA", in several different scenario:

* Similarly to what you said above, FontA is available on one system but not the other. On the other, instead of FontB, you get some default system font. Otherwise the logic is the same.

* "FontA" is a webfont defined through an `@font-face`, and there's some network connectivity issue of some sort, and FontA doesn't get downloaded, so you get some default system font instead, and get the double spacing vs not double spacing problem without even having to change browser.

* The font metrics of "FontA" are computed differently by different browsers. For an example, see this font I was using in line-height tests: Chrome gives this font a significantly taller line-height than firefox does. So for this font, if an author developped the page on firefox and picked a size that worked fine there, you could get double spacing everywhere in Chrome despite using the same font.

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