[csswg-drafts] [css-align] Use of word 'justify'

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== [css-align] Use of word 'justify' ==

The spec has properties with names like `justify-content`, `justify-self` and `justify-items`.

A much more appropriate alternative, imho, would be `arrange-content/self/items` (borrowing from Powerpoint's UI).  (If we wanted to go further we could  swap `arrange-content` and `align-content` (etc) so that `align` refers to inline direction, and `arrange` to line-stacking direction, because that works better with the current `text-align` concept.)

This worries me because content authors already have difficulties understanding the difference between text-align: justify and the text-justify property, and now we seem to be introducing another sense for 'justify', for something which i actually think is alignment rather than justification. For me (and for Bringhurst) justification is to do with _setting text flush left and right_ on a line. (Note the words 'text', and 'flush'. Some of the justify- options in css-align don't produce flush alignments.)

Other possibilities might be `line-align` vs. `stack-align`, etc.. But i don't think `justify` is appropriate or helpful here.

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