Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-3] auto cursor should behaves as default cursor except for text?

Thanks for the feedback!

Argument I. Ask an intermediate web developer (or a web user): "What do you think is the automatic cursor when hovering links?" Most will probably answer "Ah, easy, it is the hand pointer!". I would like the spec's 'auto' to reflect this common conception of links.  All browsers (except Firefox) have had this behavior so I'd like the spec+Firefox to adapt here (not all others). 

> 1.  There are many such context-based cursor changes, and they are not fully interoperable (although some are more than others), and going through the full list seems like a never ending task with countless nuances and exceptions

Argument II. I think links can be added to the list tough (it will not be a never ending task).

> 2. This can be done using the UA stylesheet, and does not need to use the auto value

Argument III. It _can_ also be done using the 'auto' value. I would like to keep the UA stylesheet compact. (I think our current UA stylesheets already have too many exceptions. These long UA stylesheets confuse web developers).

Argument IV. Open [cursor-auto-002]( in Firefox. Isn't it confusing that an I-beam is shown? Displaying an I-beam gives users a hint about semantics: "this point can start a selection". But it cannot! Links cannot start selections (because they are draggables) so an I-beam might confuse regular users. That's why I think cursor-auto-002's expectation needs to change.

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