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== [css-display] Confusing list-item note ==
When I read a sentence like "X can only be an A, a B, a C or a D", I expect A, B, C and D to be pairwise disjoint. However, [CSS Display](https://drafts.csswg.org/css-display-3/#list-items) has this note:

> a list-item can only be a block box, a block formatting context root box, an inline box, or an inline-block box.

This is confusing because

 - Some BFC roots are block boxes, and viceversa.
 - All inline-block boxes are BFC roots.

I would simply say

> a list-item can only be a block container or an inline box.

Also note the grammar allows run-in list items. Maybe `run-in flow` and `run-in flow-root` are already covered by "inline box" and "inline-block" ("block container" in my proposal), respectively, but it's not much clear.

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