Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] clarify that most (all?) high-dpi devices anchor on pixel, rather than physical, unit

> Non-electronic billboards and signage?

ah, good point.

> wouldn't you want electronic and non-electronic signage to behave the same?

while i can see both sides of this, my (purely personal of course) view here is that for a designer, when they work on paper/print, they have a stronger expectation that setting something in physical units will also match real-world physical units, whereas when designing for screen (knowing that screens have all sorts of variables like resolution etc) there's perhaps more of an expectation that everything anchors to the CSS pixel (which ideally should be close to the reference pixel, but even that varies across devices/OSs/UAs). also, purely empirically, i don't know many designers who use physical units like `mm` when working for screen (though i know many designers who "discover" these physical units and are then quite disappointed that on screen it's anchored on pixel and usually they don't match up to real-world units as measured on the physical screen, as per

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