Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-multicol-1][css-display-3] Introduce a 'display' value for multi-column layout

> Given that Grid doesn't have a decent fragmentation story in the first place,

I wasn't aware of that, can you elaborate?  Grid fragmentation works pretty well in Firefox, if I may say so. ;-)

> as people can reasonably want to control the same properties differently for the grid and the multicol, such as margin and padding.

Sure, they can add a child element if they want that.

> Adding more anonymous boxes doesn't help.

I'm not suggesting adding any new anonymous boxes. I'm just saying that we can style the (anonymous) column boxes that we _already have_ to use Grid layout instead of Block layout. (I don't see any reason why Flexbox/Table layout wouldn't work too - both support fragmentation as far as I know.)

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