[csswg-drafts] [css-ui] Make selection change behavior configurable

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== [css-ui] Make selection change behavior configurable ==
Following #319.

Problem: MSEdge recently changed not to change selection when clicking non-selectable area to match the requirement from #319. This breaks my app behavior which targets Windows 10 store platform.

Background: Web pages by default allows user selection for the whole page area, while desktop apps by default blocks it and wants to control selectable area strictly. This means the whole background of page body is unselectable, and it again means unselecting is hard.

Take a look here (Firefox and Edge is preferred, Chrome has slightly different behavior): http://codepen.io/SaschaNaz/pen/wdeqZX

Imagine users selected their texts to copy and paste, and then wants to unselect. Previously with MSEdge the user can just click anywhere on the page, but now the user has to think carefully to unselect without opening a popup. (The only way here is to right-click.) (Chrome has a different behavior, it allows clicking anywhere without firing click event)

Since unselecting got hard, I suggest a way to allow previous Firefox behavior, where unselection happened when clicking non-selectable area.

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Received on Tuesday, 2 May 2017 15:42:51 UTC