[csswg-drafts] [css-break] Is an inline-block monolithic or not?

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== [css-break] Is an inline-block monolithic or not? ==
Recently I happened to be in a discussion whether the [4.1. Possible Break Points section in CSS Fragmentation Module](https://drafts.csswg.org/css-break/#possible-breaks) defines an inline-block _must_ be monolithic or _may_ be monolithic. I could read both ways, clarification is appreciated.

There are two paragraphs that may be read differently.

First it says:
> Some content is not fragmentable, for example ... or a single line of text content. Such content is considered monolithic

IIUC this paragraph doesn't define inline-block yet since inline-block is not _text_ content, but I could read it differently, considering inline-block is abstracted as an object replacement character.

Then it says:
> Since line boxes contain no possible break points, inline-block and inline-table boxes (and other inline-level display types that establish a new formatting context) may also be considered monolithic.

The last part clearly defines inline-block _may_ be monolithic. However, this paragraph also says "line boxes contain no possible break points", I could read this as "inline-block appearing in a line box must not be broken." An inline-block cannot live outside of a line box, so this paragraph maybe self contradicting depends on how you read.

@fantasai could you help to clarify?

Note, from our brief testing, in case this helps:
* Gecko does not break an inline-block.
* Edge/Trident can break an inline-block, normally between line boxes in the inline-block.
* WebKit/Blink can break an inline-block at arbitrary points.

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