Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-inline] need to define interaction of initial-letter and text-align other than start

> we should make sure the spec produces sensible (?!?) results for the
 interaction of initial-letter with text-align values other than start

With `text-align: justify` and `text-align: justify-all`, clarifying 
that there is no justification opportunity between the initial letter 
and the adjacent text should be

For `end` and `center`, this is much more confusing, and it isn't 
clear there is an actual use case, so we should probably pick the 
simplest thing to implement.

We could leave the initial letter flush against the start edge anyway,
 which would be simple, and have the advantage of making sure that no 
subsequent line goes further towards the start than the initial 
letter, which may be desirable. This could however leave a large gap 
between the initial letter and the adjacent text in some cases. This 
seems especially bad in cases when `initial-letter-wrap` is set to 
`first` with the first line kerned into the initial letter area.

Moving the initial letter towards the end edge by the largest distance
 that does not cause overlap with the adjacent text would reduce this 
problem, but not eliminate it. I do not think it is worth the extra 

One case where it could work without causing problems is if the 
`<integer>` value of the `initial-letter` declaration is `1`. I that 
case, There is no particular difficulty in respecting `center` or 
`end` alignments.

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Received on Sunday, 15 January 2017 09:30:22 UTC