Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] Hyphenation usages in CJK

So the issue we're discussing is, for writing systems that have mixed 

* Logically speaking, using a dictionary that are mix of multiple 
scripts makes sense and people seem to be good with it. Whether it 
should be a such physical dictionary, or allow UA to synthesize such 
mixed dictionary looks controversial, but I think it's implementation 
details CSS doesn't care about.
* When UA synthesizes such a mixed dictionary, @r12a pointed out that 
authors may want to specify the dictionary for Latin. This allows 
scripts such as CJK or Arabic to use English or French depends on the 

The fallback/synthesizing/specialized dictionaries shouldn't need CSS 
specs, UA can just do it. I18N WG might be able to provide good 
guidance in doing so though.

To allow authors to specify the secondary/thirdly dictionaries per 
scripts, we'll need a property. This should go to L4.

For `word-break:break-all-hyphenate`, I think we should just change 
the existing behavior because the other behavior has no good use 
cases, though I do not understand all what Florian wrote in #791 -- I 
need more time to understand.

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