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== [css-apply-rule] New advocate for the spec ==
Recently I found a [discussion in the WICG 
 platform, were it was stated that @tabatkins would be leaving behind 
the [at-apply rule 
spec](http://tabatkins.github.io/specs/css-apply-rule/) to focus on 
other solutions pointed towards the Shadow DOM. Even with the "Just 
use a class™" argument, I believe the `at-apply rule` could be a great
 addition to CSS (independently if it was initially thought for the 
Shadow DOM or the Light DOM), and apparently right now the spec is in 
danger and will most likely be dropped if no one else takes care of 

Is there someone in the CSSWG interested in keeping this feature alive
 with enough time as to take care of its evolution? I'd love to 
contribute in any way I can, but I'm afraid that since I'm not a part 
of the CSSWG there's not much that I can do besides making 
proposal/additions and or corrections for the spec.

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