Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-rhythm][css-values-4] Figure out the interaction between line-height-step and the lh and rlh units

* `lh` (and `rlh`) should reflect the size of the line-height adjusted by line-height-step, otherwise they are not usable. I will be typical to want a padding or a margin to be sized a a multiple (often 1, but not always) of the line height. For this to work, it must be the adjusted line height. Of course, each individual line may end up being different sizes depending on what's in them, but the basic step size of the rhythm is what matters here.

* when we do that, we need to break the cycle that is introduced by trying to use `lh` as a value in `line-height-step` (and `rlh` in `line-height-step` on the root element). I can think of two solutions: 
  1. use the (adjusted) line-height from the parent element
  2. use the non-adjusted line-height from the current element.

  I don't have data to support me, and I think I at this point I could go either way, but (ii) seems more useful.

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Received on Monday, 10 April 2017 05:30:50 UTC