Re: [csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries-4] any-hover can't be used to detect mixed hover and non-hover capable pointers

* This goes against the normal meaning of `none` which is supposed to be true when other values are not. Changing that hurts consistency and understandability, so that's not desirable. An alternative would be better, or you need very strong reasons.

* I am not convinced I understand the use case. Yes, in theory, the more information you have, the better you can make informed decisions. However, if that makes simple cases harder to do correctly (see first point), that's not a good idea. And if we expose more info but still not enough info to make different decisions, we've gained nothing.

I do not understand what use cases would be served by your proposal. Yes, you have strictly more information, but since that's still not an exhaustive list of all the inputs and how they are being used, that's not enough to do fine grained detection of various specific scenarios to which you might want to adapt to.

If you have no idea what the (non-primary) devices are, nor how the user uses them, what can you do differently based on the knowledge that some of them can hover vs all of them can hover?

Thanks to the primary / non primary distinction, you can already know that the normal way of interacting with the device is hover-incapable, but that the user may have additional means of hovering at their disposition. So you know that you should not depend on hovering for essential functions(`hover:none`), but that if you offer additional conveniences based on hover, the user may take advantage of them (`any-hover:hover`). What can you do differently with the additional bit of information you're proposing?

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