[csswg-drafts] [css-grid] editorial: ambiguities in §12.5

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== [css-grid] editorial: ambiguities in §12.5 ==
There are a couple of ambiguities in §12.5. Resolve Intrinsic Track 
under "For auto minimums: ", 2nd paragraph:

> Otherwise, set its base size to the maximum of its items’ 
**_min-size contributions_**: the value specified by its respective 
min-width or min-height properties (whichever matches the relevant 
axis) if the specified **size** is auto, or else the item’s 
min-content contribution.

1. it's not clear what the word size is referring to there, it could 
be a reference to the min-width/height values earlier in the same 
sentence ,or it could be a reference to the width/height properties 
(whichever is relevant for the axis).
It appears that @tabatkins already agreed that it's the latter and 
that the text needs to be clearer:

2. it's not clear how far the definition of the term 'min-size 
contributions' reaches.
Is it the entire text that follows, or is it just up to the first 
comma and that the "or else the item’s 
in-content contribution" is not part of the definition, but rather 
something that just relevant to
computing the value to be used for the "auto minimums" clause?
(I will assume for now that the definition includes all the text up to
 the final period.)

In general, I think it would be a good idea to break out each 
definition of a term to
a standalone paragraph, rather than embedding it together with other 
Perhaps in a separate chapter early in the document, like how it's 
done in css-sizing:

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