[csswg-drafts] [mediaqueries][mediaqueries-4][mediaqueries-5] should 'initial-only' have an explicit minimum threshold?

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== [mediaqueries][mediaqueries-4][mediaqueries-5] should 
'initial-only' have an explicit minimum threshold? ==

Formerly "Issue 4" inline in the spec, brought here to capture and 

Should there be an explicit minimum threshold to meet before a UA is 
allowed to claim initial-only? Having one would mean authors would 
know what they can depend on, and could tailor their scripts 
accordingly. On the other hand, pinpointing that threshold is 
difficult: if it is set too low, the scripting facilities that authors
 can depend on may be to constrained to be practical, even though 
actual UAs may potentially all support significantly more. But trying 
to set it higher may cause us to exclude UAs that do support scripting
 at loading time, but restrict it in some cases based on complex 
heuristics. For instance, conservative definitions likely include at 
least running all inline scripts and firing the DOMContentLoaded 
event. But it does not seem useful for authors to constrain themselves
 to this if most (or maybe all) initial-only UAs also load external 
scripts (including async and defer) and fire the load event. On the 
other hand, requiring external scripts to be loaded and the load event
 to be fired could exclude UAs like Opera mini, which typically do run
 them, but may decide not to based on timeouts and other heuristics.

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where this feature ends up. Thanks!

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