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== [css-transforms] [proposal-ish] Non-flattening filters and opacity.
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The recent changes in Chrome 53 (implementing css-transforms) has 
caused opacity to flatten 3D objects in my 3D scenes. This is very 
unwelcoming, and I'd like to propose that the spec needs a better 

I'm not proposing the actual solution, but rather ideas that may get 
you (the experts) to come up with the needed solution.

I propose that we need some way to control what type of opacity we are
 applying to our objects.

The default new behavior flatten 3D objects, as discussed in the 
thread titled "[css-transforms] CSS3D breaks with opacity flattening" 
over in [the 

The full description of the problem and the rough proposed solution is
 in this message: 

Basically, a new `opacity-style` property could allow us to specify 
the type of opacity we want:

   - `opacity-style: 3d` - similar to the legacy behavior and is
   great for 3D scenes, and does not flatten anything. Opacity is 
   all the way down the tree with other same-style opacities and stops
   elements that have a different opacity-style (`flat` or `single`).
   - `opacity-style: single` - does not flatten anything and only
   applies opacity to the target element but not its children
   - `opacity-style: flat` - the new behavior of the latest spec, 
which Chrome 53
   just released, where things are flattened and a new 3D context is 
made. I still
   fail to see how this is desirable. *It is intuitive that we can 
apply an opacity to
   a 3D object using the `opacity` property to make it transparent, 
but it becoming flat like
   paper is simply **not** intuitive.*

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