Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-4][user-select] per-value inheritance

@kojiishi By the way, a quite note about a comment you made in the 
google group post you linked to:

> Historically, user-select was an inherited property, and 
Blink/WebKit implements so today. MS then find "contain" is useful, 
which we agree, but that value should not inherit; i.e., the child of 
"contain" should be reset. So for this snippet:
> <div contenteditable><span><b></b></span></div>
> The <div> has "user-select: contain", while the <span> has 
"user-select: text", and <b> inherits from <span>.
> CSS WG then discussed on this, probably quite ago, and decided to 
describe what the spec says today. In short, IIUC:
>     Add "auto" to this property, that computes as if it looks like a
 "mixed" inheritance.

This isn't quite right. Historically, user-select was not inherited, 
nor was it non-inherited. It was unspecified. the Webkit 
implementation (which Blink shares) is inherited. The Gecko and the 
IE/Edge implementations are not. This isn't new, and the auto value 
has existed all along (even though it isn't useful in the webkit/blink
 side of the world). The "contain" value took advantage of the 
existence of this auto value, but "auto" wasn't created for it.

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