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== [css-device-adapt] consider adding user-overscroll-action 
descriptor ==
We are collaborating on a new [declarative 
API](https://github.com/WICG/user-gesture-nav) to give developer a 
reliable way to control overscroll actions (e.g., swipe navigations, 
pull-to-refresh, etc.). 

Our initial thinking was to use a new CSS attribute but it was 
 that perhaps a descriptor in the viewport meta tag is a better API 
particularly because all of the overscroll actions that we care about 
are only meaningful for viewport.

The proposal is to add `user-overscroll-action` which will be similar 
to `user-scalable` property in the viewport meta in the sense that it 
provides a directive to user agent on how to interpret a user action 
in this case overscroll as opposed to zoom. 

Do you think such a proposed descriptor is appropriate for 

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