[csswg-drafts] [css-grid] (editorial) Add example showing difference between grid-gap and a gutter

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== [css-grid] (editorial) Add example showing difference between 
grid-gap and a gutter ==
It's come up more than once that grid-gap should perhaps be named 
grid-gutter, since that's a longstanding layout term. The association 
between grid-gap and gutters is reinforced in the prose and anchor as 
well https://drafts.csswg.org/css-grid/#gutters

We keep considering and rejecting the name change, in part because we 
would like to be consistent with column-gap. Another reason came up in
 the latest discussion: since the grid items on either side of a 
grid-gap may have margins and padding that contribute to white space, 
grid-gap may not be the only property that contributes to the visual 
gutter in a grid layout.

So in order to avoid future discussion over whether grid-gap or 
grid-gutter is more appropriate, we should add an example showing how 
grid-gap interacts with grid item margins and padding to produce a 
visual gutter in a grid layout, and the prose that currently equates a
 gutter with grid-gap should be restructured to indicate that grid-gap
 is merely one possible component in specifying a gutter.

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