Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] Address missing aspect of Progressive Enhancement in font loading

> I don't see anywhere else where `font-stack` is discussed. Is there 
another discussion you could direct me to?

Sorry, I should have called it `@fallback-font-sequence`, like in the 
linked post. Edited now.

As for the individual-glyphs issue, I think you're looking at it the 
wrong way. The whole point of this proposed property, as discussed in 
the other thread, is to visually harmonize the intended font and its 
fallbacks so you get the desired and consistent look, either when the 
main font is unavailable or when you get mixed fonts in the same 
element (e.g. multiple scripts, special characters, emoji). Prevention
 of "Flash of Unstyled Text" then is something you get for free.

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