Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] Address missing aspect of Progressive Enhancement in font loading

@litherum -

There's no way to be 100% perfect, but in general the fallback stack 
should be fairly well supported, and you'd generally want to optimize 
for the most widely available (or most likely 'first alternate': Arial
 or Helvetica on most desktops, Droid on Android - whichever comprises
 the largest segment of your audience).

So I generally define a set of fallbacks that will cover the basics 
and optimize for the first one in the stack. It's not perfect, but far
 better than doing nothing in terms of getting content on screen and 
minimizing reflow when the fonts load.

If this is tied in some way to the Font Loading API, then the behavior
 could simply follow however that is working: if the boolean flag is 
in the 'loading' state for all @font-face blocks then 'loaded=false'; 
if they're all 'loaded' then 'loaded=true' (I'm imagining this as an 
attribute selector, but hopefully you get what I mean in a more 
general sense)

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