Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-3] hyphenation priority

I see, makes sense.

Do you think we could go with something like this then:

> Hyphens (U+002D and U+2010?) contained in the word should be treated
 as higher priority than automatic hyphenation opportunities, unless 
the language-appropriate hyphenation resource explicitly contradicts 

Another way to say the same thing would be:

> If language-appropriate hyphenation resource does not contain 
information about the priority of automatic hyphenation opportunities 
relative to hyphens (U+002D and U+2010?) contained in the word, the 
later must be treated as having higher priority.

On the other hand, regardless of the hyphenation resource or the rule 
above, if an implementation of line breaking does not have a general 
concept of levels of priority for soft wrap opportunities, then the 
above rule does not mean much. In that case, should we prefer treating
 all hyphenation opportunities the same, or applying to hyphens the 
same logic as to soft hyphens? I'd favor the later, but this is not 

Also, it seems to me that the concept of prioritized hyphenation 
opportunities is at odds with the 
 property from level 4. As currently defined, it seems to require that
 parts of words be pulled back from the subsequent line to fill the 
current one (up to a limit specified by the property), and that does 
not seem to allow for prioritization. Maybe that should be changed to 
also have an auto value that would allow for prioritization, and/or to
 have two values rather than one: one that indicates the minimum 
amount of left-over space before you're allowed (but not required) to 
hyphenate, the other one being the maximum amount of left-over space 
before you're required to hyphenate even if that means using low 
priority hyphenation points.

(This may be a separate issue. Should I file it separately?)

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