Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-box-3][css-21] Positioning boxes with { float:left; width:0px; }

OK, after looking at the second testcase a bit more (which as far as I
 can tell is the one that differs), I think what this really comes 
down to is the meaning of [this wording in section 

>A line box is next to a float when there exists a vertical position 
that satisfies all of these four conditions: (a) at or below the top 
of the line box, (b) at or above the bottom of the line box, (c) below
 the top margin edge of the float, and (d) above the bottom margin 
edge of the float.
>Note: this means that floats with zero outer height or negative outer
 height do not shorten line boxes.
>If a shortened line box is too small to contain any content, then the
 line box is shifted downward (and its width recomputed) until either 
some content fits or there are no more floats present.

In particular, does a 0-width float shorten a line box by 0, or does 
it not shorten the line box.

(It's already stated that a 0-height float does not shorten a line box
 -- something I suspect Gecko may not have implemented -- or may not 
have implemented the implications of for float placement rather than 
line placement.)

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