Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] Implied Minimum Size of Grid Items

> I do think that the stretching effectively overrides the automatic 

OK, fair enough -- I think you are saying that it's desirable if it 
does that.

However, I think your statement is a bit to general - it's only the 
min-content size part of the automatic minimum size it should 
override.  If we should shrink below a "transferred size" can be 
discussed, but let's resolve that bit in
(The "specified size" part of automatic minimum size never applies 
together with stretching because stretching doesn't occur when there 
is a definite specified size.)

So, here's what I propose to resolve this issue:

Firefox changes its stretching to shrink items below their min-content
Chrome implements Grid ยง6.6 clamping 

Then I think we would have identical layout for these tests.

I think that requires minimal spec changes: no Grid spec changes at 
all.  A minor amendment to CSS  Align to say that stretching may 
shrink the alignment subject so that its content size is below its 
min-content size (still not below any non-`auto` `min-width/height` of

How does that sound?

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