Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-transitions][css-animations] Complex timing functions

@rachelnabors just to clarify this wouldn't be a proposal for 
something that would be necessarily be a part of the Houdini spec.
I doubt it would be necessary for Houdini to work out to implement 

I mentioned Houdini because I imagine that it'd this would be 
preferable for it to align with the style/spirit.

@notoriousb1t I understand the concern, the first thing that comes to 
mind is the question, what if the user has js disabled!?
As this js would not be allowed to do any direct dom manipulation (or 
anything else), all it should do is return a number 
Would a different rule be able to be applied to this js?

It shouldn't be capable of doing anything 'nasty' 

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