[csswg-drafts] [css-multicol] Clipping of content that overflows a column

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== [css-multicol] Clipping of content that overflows a column ==

> Content in the normal flow that extends into column gaps (e.g., long
 words or images) is clipped in the middle of the column gap.


> Floated or in-flow content that extends into column gaps or 
neighboring columns — e.g., long words or images — is not clipped and 
may therefore cause overflow.

The ED change occurred in aa4138974baedaa9ae662a056f40f0054eb5d373.
The [email announcing the draft 
 cites the TR as the reasoning for the change...😕


A. Some testing suggests that only Firefox implements the ED's "don't 
clip" behavior. Does the group think that the other browsers are 
actually going to change their behavior here? It's been 3 years.
B. The ED's text addresses floated and in-flow content. What about 
non-float out-of-flow content, such as `position:absolute`? Or in the 
case of the CR's text, what about out-of-flow content? I ask because 
of https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1282363

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