[csswg-drafts] [css-color] out of range lab and lch values

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== [css-color] out of range lab and lch values ==
> Need to define handling for out of range numbers. Clip L, wrap H? 
Have also seen L up to 400, specifically for high dynamic range 

I propose that css-color-4 leaves high dynamic range out of scope. 
Addressing it requires looking at color re-rendering, which is complex
 and should be left to a later version when there is more industry 
experience to draw upon.

Given that, it is clear that L should be **clamped** to the 0 to 100 
range, that H should be **wrapped** to the 0 to 360 range, that C 
should have _negative_ values **clamped** to 0 and that a, b are 

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