Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align][css-grid] Inconsistence on Baseline Alignment terminology for orthogonal flows

In the sentence:
> For this purpose, boxes that establish an orthogonal flow are 
treated as having the same block flow direction as their alignment 

I think the term "orthogonal flow" is not correct, or at least not 
accurate. As I understand the concept of baseline-sharing group, it's 
a group of elements in the same row/column whit "equivalent" 
writing-mode/preference" **between themselves**. In an horizontal grid
 container, a column with N vertical
elements, they will belong to different sharing-groups depending in 
their block-flow (LR vs RL) direction, and of course their respective 
baseline precedence. Anyway, the issue is that they are all orthogonal
 but they don't have the same block-flow direction.

Is perhaps that what matters is whether they are orthogonal to their 
alignment-context ? It's worth mentioning that for the case of grid 
this is specially confusing, since the term writing-mode hardly 
applies to a grid-row/column. It d be, perhaps, better to define this 
sharing-group concept based on the
baseline axis instead of the alignment-context ?

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Received on Monday, 5 December 2016 14:21:41 UTC