Re: CredWeb Outros (was Re: long time no chat, CredWeb friends)

Thank you to those of you who've written so far, and to Sandro for once
again saving me from myself when it comes to Community Group administration.

For my "outro" I am still on the board of JournalList, which is still the
caretaker of the trust.txt framework. Things there are inching forward. The
system works and can be a great tool to help identify news sources who have
met at least the threshold of belonging to an industry association. The
hard part has been getting publishers to take the three minutes needed to
actually post their trust.txt files.  We have some hope that Chrome's
dumping of Third-Party Sets that people will be looking for a solution and
find trust.txt, which is an easy, distributed, way to show a relationship
between sites. Right now Google's solution (in my opinion) is a mess.

It will be lovely to see many of you again for the first time in a long
time! See you a week from Wednesday.

On Mon, Oct 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM Sandro Hawke <> wrote:

> Thanks Scott and Sara-Jayne.   Just to clarify, after talking with Scott,
> the meeting is *Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023* (9 days from now).  Zoom link will
> be posted to
> Also, credit to An Xiao Mina, who co-founded the group. She went on to
> other things, but she was a key part of the early stages of the group.
> Continuing what Sara-Jayne started, I suggest everyone reading this post
> an "outro".  (We started the group with folks doing "intros".)  I'm
> particular curious how people now feel about the Credible Web Mission
> <>, and what kind of work they
> might still be doing in the field.
> For myself, I'm still 100% on board with the first paragraph of the
> mission, but not the use of RDF in the second part.
> I'm working full time to make this a reality. I've pivoted a few times in
> my approach, including moving away from W3C, and these days I see the best
> path to the Credible Web being an integrated data/app platform.
> That is: make credibility data-sharing a part of general data sharing
> (including personal data). That way, the credibility system can use the
> rest of the data sharing system to manage credibility assessments, and the
> rest of the data sharing system can use the credibility system to maintain
> trust and safety.
> I'm calling this platform with integrated credibility the Human Data Forum
> <>. If you want to chat about it, or just want
> a beta-test invitation when they're available, let me know. That's slated
> for December.
> I hope you're all doing well, and will see some of you on the call Nov 1.
>      -- Sandro
> On 10/23/23 13:57, Sara-Jayne Terp wrote:
> I can't make the meeting because I'm on stage at OODAcon then (talking
> about trust landscapes with Heather McMahon), so here's a written update.
> I went back to live in the UK, and am now one of the tech leads on ARCD - a
> project using machine learning to respond to cyber attacks at machine speed
> / in places where there's no cyber expert available (we have about 60
> projects live around the UK right now).
> I took a year out from disinformation response (the DISARM Foundation
> continues the AMITT/DISARM work), but it's starting to drag me back in
> again - I recently started an ATT&CK version for the mis/dis/mal around
> LLMs, so we can talk about how they're duped vs how humans are; and had fun
> using LLMs to create an information training environment, with LLM chatbots
> doing narrative attack and response.  Other than that, I've been pretty
> quiet.
> Sj.
> On Mon, 23 Oct 2023 at 13:02, Scott Yates <> wrote:
>> You are getting this email because at some point you were a part of the
>> CredWeb group in W3C, started by the incomparable Sandro Hawke.
>> Then I came in and tried to create a new mission for the group, and then
>> we all just moved on.
>> This group is now going to get deleted unless we find a new source of
>> inspiration and leadership, but before we do that... maybe we could just
>> get together to get quick updates on what we've all been doing?
>> Let's do it at the time we used to do it: this Wednesday at 4 p.m. in
>> London, 11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. in California.
>> Here's a Google Calendar link.
>> <>
>> I hope to see a lot of you there! If you can't make that time, feel free
>> to drop Sandro and me a note and let us know what you are up to, and if you
>> have any thoughts about keeping the CredWeb group going.
>> -Scott Yates
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