Credible Web Community Group,

I would like to share a vision for real-time fact-checking: Wikifact.

As envisioned, people will soon be able to fact-check arbitrary portions of documents in word processors and Web browsers simply by selecting content, using context menus, and making use of crowdsourced, collaborative resources such as Wikifact.

People will be able to select content from social media websites, news articles, digital textbooks, or any other documents and websites, and then open context menus providing options for exploring, e.g., fact-checking, the selected content.

Use cases for the proposed project include journalism, fact-checking, rational skepticism, critical thinking, education, and science. The proposed project will also ensure and enhance government transparency and accountability.

The Wikifact proposal resembles other existing projects in the intersection of AI and fact-checking such as: AFCNR, BRENDA, ClaimPortal, Full Fact's system, Meta's Sphere, and Squash. Interestingly, technologies like IBM's Project Debater could also be useful for automatically generating, validating, and/or sorting contents about statements.

Hopefully, these UI/UX concepts and wiki-based system component topics are of some interest to the group. I welcome any comments, questions, or feedback on these ideas! Thank you.

Best regards,
Adam Sobieski

Received on Monday, 18 July 2022 19:00:59 UTC