Re: Updates for the Grop [via Credibility Community Group]

FWIW, I didn't step down as chair.  My guess is there was a system 
glitch which unset my chair status in the database when I stopped 
coincidentally being a W3C Fellow. With there being no chair set in the 
database, the role was open for anyone to assume.

This is probably a good time to see who is interested in being chair of 
this group, or otherwise participating in it going forward.  I have not 
been an active leader here in quite some time, and would happily accept 
help or step aside if there's someone the group decides to follow.

Personally, I'm still working in the space and I believe in it 
strongly.  I stopped convening meetings because I wasn't seeing enough 
progress to be worth the time. It's hard for a consensus standards group 
to offer leadership. I'm proud of what we produced (Credibility Tech, 
Credibility Signals, etc) but I still don't see a road toward a next 
useful deliverable.  If someone else does, great, let's hear about it.

      - Sandro

Received on Sunday, 18 July 2021 23:10:26 UTC