Re: Scott Yates candidacy for Public Credibility group

If there is seconding to be done, I second Scott's plans and candidacy.
 He's done good work already, making sense of groups and work across this


On Sun, 1 Aug 2021 at 17:15, Scott Yates <> wrote:

> Dear Sandro and members of the group:
> My name is Scott Yates. My platform for what I would do as chair of this
> group is this: Create a document that can be used to evaluate other efforts
> to fight disinformation. That is, instead of trying to come up with a
> solution, first come up with a definition of what a good solution looks
> like.
> Right now we have dozens of efforts, and new ones pop up all the time. For
> whom are they helpful? Do they respect free expression? Do they have
> unintended negative consequences? How do they fit into the overall
> landscape? Nobody can answer any of those or a dozen other similar
> questions because there’s no document by which to make such an evaluation.
> I propose that we come up with such a document.
> It would have as an underpinning the previous excellent documents from
> this group, and would build up from there. This new document would make it
> possible for the people behind anti-disinformation efforts to
> self-evaluate, and perhaps improve based on the guidelines contained in the
> document. We could also evaluate efforts as a community group, and we could
> encourage other similar groups (like the Credibility Coalition, of which I
> am a longtime member) to also use this document.
> To do this most effectively, I would recommend that we expand this group
> to include some newsroom leaders, standards experts, and people behind some
> of the notable efforts out there. I will personally invite people, and
> would welcome the help of others in that.
> A bit about me: I’m the founder of, caretaker of the
> trust.txt framework. I have also worked on the Journalism Trust Initiative.
> Before JournalList, a nonprofit, I started three technology companies, and
> before that I was a reporter. I live in Denver with my family, our mutt,
> and my dictionary collection. In my spare time I’m trying to fix Daylight
> Saving Time.
> Thank you for our attention,
> -Scott Yates
> Founder
>, caretaker of the trust.txt framework
> 202-742-6842
> Short Video Explanation of trust.txt <>

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